Action for Action Research

29 Jan

Action Research, is a growing field and a commonly used word, but how deeply do we understand and question action research? What is the role of action research in academia? CoLab &  Larry Susskind helped a group of interested students uncover, define, and test the role of action research for urban planners. This collaborative learning process yielded great results, check out our preliminary diagrams:

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Thanks to everyone’s insights (especially Elizabeth Hoeker Moreno, Jenna Kay, and Miriam Solis) I was able to come up with this second version of my model:

Action Research Diagram_FSERANG_2Dversion

Action Research Diagram_FSERANG_3Dversion

Action Research is at the heart of what good work Urban Planers can do, and I’m glad I have a picture to go along with my advocacy for what I think is the most relevant research methodology out there. I think we need to understand and employ action research better and better. I’m looking forward to deepening the action research vernacular with my classmates as I set about thinking about my thesis. Ready or not, action research here we come! Who wants to join?


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